[Samba] Re: No umlauts in filenames

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Wed Jun 11 18:53:51 GMT 2003

>My samba setup cannot handle files whose names 
>contain german umlauts (äüöß).
>When I create a file whose filename contains umlauts 
>on the samba share from the WinXP machine, the 
>filename is displayed with question marks instead of 
>Files which are created on the linux box with umlauts 
>in their names are not visible on the XP machine.
>the options from my smb.conf are:
>character set=iso8859-1
>client code page=850

These settings work for me. Page 850 is default but
iso8859-1 has to be explicitly set, otherwise some
comical effects may be seen. They're global
parameters, so if you put them in a wrong place,
like behind a comment or something, they may not be
in force. How about putting things in perspective
and posting your [global] stanza? Also the user
environment on linux side - do "env | sort".

There are some problems if you want to let your
users login with diaresis-afflicted names and
passwords, but that's another story. Filenames
containing extended ASCII characters are OK, unless
you really try hard to screw it up.

>Is there a way to do this without upgrading to a 3.0 >beta?

3.0 is recommendable but your problem is not samba

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