[Samba] copy files from Linux to NT Server

Diana datachaos at yahoo.de
Wed Jun 11 16:07:24 GMT 2003

Thanks, just tried that. using -l does not give me an
output into the specified logfile. How do I "raise my
debug level"? Went through smb.conf but did not find
something like debug level. 
As well: my password is working (just did a new login
to NT & it worked. And the listing works as well (if I
give -L ). 
Thanks for your help!
I`m using Redhat 9 professional with the preconfigured
Samba 2.2.7a that comes with Redhat. 

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The syntax for smbclient is: smbclient //server/share
-U username

...which I see you have tried.

You may want to throw in -l and specify a logfile
location (ie.
/tmp/smbclient.log) and elevating the debug level to
about 3 in the
smb.conf. Are you sure the password is correct?

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