[Samba] usrmgr samba3 beta net groupmap add

robowarp at gmx.de robowarp at gmx.de
Wed Jun 11 14:34:48 GMT 2003

hi @ll,
is anyone using net "groupmap add" command feature included in the samba 3
could you give me a few example lines
like mapping Domain User map to smbuser etc.
I tested the features and it seems to work on the command line , but as i
try to use usrmgr of the win nt pack this groups do not apear afterwards to the
groupdisplay of usrmgr.
After all i would be very thankfull if sombody shares his experience with
usrmgr and the beta.
I dont wanna use ldap wih samba to build the pdc.
I used the suse bins located on the ftp (..../people/gd/ ) server on a suse
8.2 to test.
Best Regards 

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