[Samba] Re: Cups / Samba Driver Download question

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Wed Jun 11 12:36:51 GMT 2003

>[Samba 2.2.8 / CUPS 1.1.8 / Redhat 7.2 std]
>I have "Windows 2000" versions of the Adobe 
>postscript drivers installed on many of my 2000 
>machines. Now I am wanting to use the CUPS drivers
>which are "Windows 2000 or NT4" version stamped.
>If a workstation has had a printer installed (Say 
>it's called Bear) before it will have the Bear W2K 
>version drivers on it. The Bear printer will be 
>linked to this. If this printer is then removed and 
>reinstalled (just the printer not the drivers) then 
>it will now install the Bear NT4/2K drivers - thats 
>fine. HOWEVER becasue these new drivers are lower in 
>the pecking hierachy than the old 2K version stamped 
>ones they are installed but not used. This is a 
>I can see several solutions to this problem:
>- Somehow get Samab to prompt a delete of all old 
>drivers (the mappings not the files obviously as 
>printers can share files) with the same name before 
>an install form the client.

>- Use a CUPS 2K only driver (which does not seem to 
>be available as it is not usually needed or wanted)

>- Remove the old driver before installing the new 
>printer. This however, totally ruins the click to 
>install metaphor that Samba and CUPS provide.

It actually enhances the metapher. You need to right-
click on the background of the Printers window, choose
Properties, Drivers tab, and remove the old drivers
before right-clicking on the server's Printers share
and selecting "Install".

But if you're into scripting metapher, you may consult 
M$ site, how to perform this action non-interactively and remotely.

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