[Samba] Cups / Samba Driver Download question

James Sewell james.sewell at tait.co.nz
Tue Jun 10 23:43:13 GMT 2003

Hey all!!

Sorry about the crosspost but this invoves CUPS and Samba issues.

[Samba 2.2.8 / CUPS 1.1.8 / Redhat 7.2 std]

I have encountered a small problem (which is due to my own slipup more
than anything else).

I have "Windows 2000" versions of the Adobe postscript drivers installed
on many of my 2000 machines. Now I am wanting to use the CUPS drivers
which are "Windows 2000 or NT4" version stamped.

If a workstation has had a printer installed (Say it's called Bear)
before it will have the Bear W2K version drivers on it. The Bear printer
will be linked to this. If this printer is then removed and reinstalled
(just the printer not the drivers) then it will now install the Bear
NT4/2K drivers - thats fine. HOWEVER becasue these new drivers are lower
in the pecking hierachy than the old 2K version stamped ones they are
installed but not used. This is a problem.

I can see several solutions to this problem:

- Somehow get Samab to prompt a delete of all old drivers (the mappings
not the files obviously as printers can share files) with the same name
before an install form the client.

- Use a CUPS 2K only driver (which does not seem to be available as it
is not usually needed or wanted)

- Remove the old driver before installing the new printer. This however,
totally ruins the click to install metaphor that Samba and CUPS provide.

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?


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