[Samba] Samba newbie need help with files copied from NT to samba linux box...

marvc marvc at bellsouth.net
Tue Jun 10 19:33:36 GMT 2003

I've managed to get samba up and running on my rh7.3 web server. I'm
able to see this server in My Network Places and browse to see the
shared directories. My problem is this: 
I want to create and test my web pages on my XP box using DWMX, upload
these files to one of the shared directories to be published to the
site. The problem is that after copying a few files to this directory
for testing; I go to the linux box and copy the files to my
/wwwroot/htdocs directory and attempt to access it from a broswer. I get
page not found. The files aren't displaying as they do in DWMX. Can
someone assist me in resolving this issue or point me to a suitable
resource? The files are both .php and html. Since php is installed on
the server and working I've ruled out it not parsing files correctly. I
notice that the files are green after I copy them to the linux server.
Could that have something to do with it? 
My apologizes if this is a bit Off-Topic but I just need a push in the
right direction. 


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