[Samba] samba/ldap - smbpasswd/userdelete

Ken Kleiner ken at cs.uml.edu
Tue Jun 10 18:41:11 GMT 2003


  I'm running samba and ldap (openldap).  Using smbpasswd -a username 
adds the samba ldap info into the users ldap entry just fine.

  The problem is deletion.  Running smbpasswd -x username deletes the
ENTIRE user's ldap entry.  This is good if I want to delete the unix and
windows account information, but not if I want to just delete the windows

  I assume it is because the ldap dn I connect with from samba has write
access to the ldap branch and just deletes the entire entry.  Can I make
it just delete the samba related fields in the record, or do the samba
accounts need to be in a seperate branch?


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