[Samba] ./configure problems using --with-pam under Debian stable.

kend at xanoptix.com kend at xanoptix.com
Tue Jun 10 15:33:01 GMT 2003

>> Hey, all.  I'm running Debian stable, and when I try to
>> ./configure --with-pam
>> for either 2.2.7a or 2.2.8a, I wind up with
>> [...]
>> checking whether struct passwd has pw_age... (cached) no
> <snip>
> Why not just use the Debian packages for 2.2.8a?
> I'm pretty sure they have PAM support.

It might have PAM support, but it's unlikely it'd have XFS support. 
HOWEVER, thanks to
I started plugging -dev packages in, and when I loaded up (big surprise
here, I guess) libpam0g-dev, the configure worked like a champ.


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