[Samba] Problem to get winbind working for Samba3-beta1 on Solaris 9 against W2003 PDC

Patrik Gustavsson PS Sweden Senior Technical Consultant Patrik.Gustavsson at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 10 09:54:51 GMT 2003

My smb.conf

       workgroup = SAMBA-NET
       password server = *
       ;ads server = w2000server
       netbios name = SAMBA
       server string = Samba (%v) domain (%h)
       interfaces = hahostix1/
       bind interfaces only = Yes
       client use spnego = no
       ;use spnego = no
       security = domain
       private dir = /global/mnt1/SAMBA/private
       log file = /global/mnt1/SAMBA/logs/logfile
       lock dir = /global/mnt1/SAMBA/locks
       pid directory = /global/mnt1/SAMBA/var/locks
       idmap uid = 10000-20000
       idmap gid = 10000-20000
       template homedir = /global/mnt1/SAMBA/home/%D/%U
       template shell = /bin/sh
       winbind use default domain = Yes

I have joined the W2003 server and created the trust account.

But winbind can't retrieve any users and group.

Do I have to configure realm and ads server parameters to get winbind to 
work ?
Or have I missed something else ?

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