[Samba] No umlauts in filenames

Uwe Laverenz laverenz at molkerei-ammerland.de
Tue Jun 10 07:02:43 GMT 2003

Thomas Dietmaier schrieb:

> My samba setup cannot handle files whose names contain german umlauts
> (äüöß).

Yes, it can. ;)

> The server is samba 2.2.8a-1 on Redhat 8.0 (from the binary RPM from the

Redhat 8 uses UTF-8, that's the reason why you can't see the iso8859-1 
umlauts on your RH machine.

> Files which are created on the linux box with umlauts in their names are
> not visible on the XP machine.

...because in this case, the umlauts are UTF-8 (Unicode).

> character set=iso8859-1
> client code page=850

That's correct.


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