[Samba] Problems connecting to samba shares from w2k or XP system after configuring smb.conf file...

marvc marvc at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 9 04:06:18 GMT 2003

I modified my smb.conf file according to an old doc I found online and
I'm having problems logging in from either of my XP or NT boxes to
access the shares on the linux box. I can see the samba linux server in
My Network Places. I get the following error if trying to connect after
navigating to it from My Network Places: 
\\lnxwebsrvr is not accessible. You might not have permissions to use
this network resource....

If I try to map a network drive from an XP box I get prompted for a
username and password, yet it doesn't accept the credentials after I
enter them. It constantly prompts me for the password in this manner: 
Connecting to lnxsrvr
Username: lnxsrvr\user1
Password: **********

I used SWAt to make the necessary modifications which were to: 
Add my domain to workgroup
Add server name to server description
Uncommented encrypt passwords = yes & smb passwd file =
Changed browseable setting to yes under share definitions
Added a user to the smbpasswd file - smbpasswd -a user1
Made sure the smb & nmbd services were running
Created the same account and passwords on both the lnxsrvr and NT2000

Can someone tell me what it is I'm missing here? 

Again my goal is to simply have one share on the linux box that I alone
will access to place files in. I'll then log in to the linux server and
place these files in my web folder directory to be published. At this
point I'm not tryiing to configure this server as a smaba pdc or do a
lot of file transfer between my domains. 

Any responses are appreciated

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