[Samba] Samba - Open files

Brent McDowell brent at iserve.co.nz
Sun Jun 8 13:32:30 GMT 2003

Hi All;

I'm having an issue with Samba and I'm wondering if anyone here can either
help or point me in the right direction. Anyhow, I recently moved to Samba
2.2.6 (yes, I ought to upgrade further to the latest stable release), from
2.2.2, which ran on a different machine.

I have (at the moment) a single Windows 2000 server that connects to it.

Every now and then, Samba will crash and the log shows 'Too many open
files' - an 'lsof' shows this clearly. Now, my question is how do I
configure Samba so that it'll kill off an inactive file handle after a set
period of time? Hell, is this even possible? I did have a look at the
'deadtime' option and if my understanding is correct, this is only useful
if the client machine didn't have any open files - and that's what gets
reset, the connection itself, yes?

A roll back to the old machine, and this problem appears non-existant. I'm 
also wondering if it may be Kernel related - both boxes do run different 
kernels, old one runs 2.4.17 and the new runs 2.4.19.

I've been beating my head against a brick wall for the last couple of 
days, so any help would be greatly appreciated.



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