[Samba] Samba and LDAP

Matt Wright matt at consultmatt.co.uk
Sun Jun 8 10:29:35 GMT 2003

Hey guys,

After having got ACL and Samba working I'm now onto getting LDAP support 
running as well. I've compiled my Samba 3 with --with-ldap, (I'm actually 
compiling it as an RPM as it needs to go on a RedHat machine this time)

The include/config.h shows that LDAP successfully compiled but when I come to 
setting up LDAP in smb.conf testparm gives the following:

	Unknown parameter encountered: "ldap bind as"
	Ignoring unknown parameter "ldap bind as"
	Unknown parameter encountered: "ldap passwd file"
	Ignoring unknown parameter "ldap passwd file"
	Unknown parameter encountered: "ldap server"
	Ignoring unknown parameter "ldap server"
	Unknown parameter encountered: "ldap scope"
	Ignoring unknown parameter "ldap scope"

Which is odd considering that they are in the smb.conf man page as part of the 
new experimental LDAP. So I ran "testparm -s /dev/null -v | grep ldap" and 
got hte follow:

	ldap suffix =
        ldap machine suffix =
        ldap user suffix =
        ldap filter = (uid=%u)
        ldap admin dn =
        ldap ssl =
        ldap passwd sync = no
        ldap trust ids = No
        ldap delete dn = No

So there is some LDAP stuff in the samba compile I did just not the main stuff 
like what server I'm going to use and the password etc etc.

Any ideas people, or have I forgotten a compile switch??



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