[Samba] Do we need WINS Replication?

Vizitiu, Ciprian CVizitiu at gbif.org
Fri Jun 6 17:38:21 GMT 2003

> We have 2 segments of the corporate network,
> which are connected by a unstable(~90% uptime) 2Mbps link.
> This link cannot be made better.

Just a silly idea don't know even if it works: If you are in control of the
link how about messing with the wins.dat file? When the link gets up you
exchange/merge wins.dat files from both servers and restart nmbds... For
example all machines in one net are called with a distinctive a_ in name so
you grep in b network in the wins.dat file and replace all a_ entries with
the new ones. Same for the other wins.dat for hosts named b_whatever.

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