[Samba] Multiply Domains with Samba

Fabricio Adorno fabricio at dr.ufu.br
Fri Jun 6 18:58:58 GMT 2003

Thanks for the hints.

I've just implemented the second way you've mentioned. It work's (not as I 
wanted), but I think there's a small problem. When you use "bind interfaces 
only = yes" you have to set up what interfaces you would like to bind. So, 
you must set loopback interface in interfaces settings (like interfaces = 
ethx lo) to permit smbpasswd to connect to the server using its default mode 
in order to change a password. But, using several samba configuration files, 
you have to set loopback interfaces in each of them, but the adress cannot be 
the same (like lo:1 or I thought about set up virtual loopbacks 
interfaces, but I'm not sure if it works. What have you done about it?

Sincerely yours

On Friday 06 June 2003 11:52, you wrote:
> Yes,
> You can either use the include directive to include a configuration file
> on the fly, based on the server name the client connects to.
> e.g.  include = %L.conf
> Better yet, and what works for me currently (not just theory) is to
> runmultiple  smbd / nmbd processes on the same machine, a smbd and nmbd
> parent process for each interface, whether real or aliased.
> You do this by specifying different configuration files in the startup
> script.
> You configuration files will also need to specify different directories
> for lock files. As far as the interfaces make sure you use the following
> directives in each config file.
> bind interfaces only = yes
> interfaces = ethx
> socket address = IP address of ethx
> If you want to use the same password file, just point to the same one in
> both configuration files. Backup your password files first...as always
> ;)
> Cheers
> On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 17:07, Fabricio Adorno wrote:
> > I'd like to know if it's possible to have multiply domains in a single
> > machine running samba. Wich version is it available?
> >
> > Thanks for any suggestions.

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