[Samba] "name_query failed to find name" when using broadcast address

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Jun 6 14:38:23 GMT 2003

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On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, patti c. wrote:

> - Both XP and Linux are able to ping each other by ip and hostname
> - ifconfig on Linux shows as the broadcast address, mask as
> - ipconfig on XP shows NodeType = broadcast, subnet mask as
> - "smbclient -L fizzle" is able to list shares, as well as connect to a
> share while on the Linux server
> - "nmblookup -U __SAMBA__" works fine, as does the same
> command with FIZZLEBOX
> - "nbtstat -n" on XP lists both STUDIO and FIZZLE
> - This is where it goes wrong: "nmblookup -B fizzlebox"
> returns "name_query failed to find name fizzlebox"; same happens when
> querying with "studio"
> - "nbtstat -A" on XP returns "Host not found"

Is a firewall on the linux box enabled?  You night also want 
to get a copy of ethereal (http://www.ethereal.com/) and look 
to see if any packets are being exchanged at all.

cheers, jerry
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