[Samba] fancy script setup

Alex King alex at king.net.nz
Fri Jun 6 07:04:17 GMT 2003

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 05:59:51PM -0500, ganapathy murali krishnan wrote:
> The way we have it setup is as follows:
> Each machine is populated with a "local" startup and shutdown

I guess you are doing this to get around the problem of the logoff not
completing properly and leaving connections open to the server which
interfere with the next user logging on.

> frequency collect data, and update a central database, which has a web 
> based (mod_python ofcourse) front end. We already have this working
> on Linux,Solaris machines (using PIKT). This will do it on Windows 
> machines as well.
except I would use webkit in preference to mod_python...

> I do not know enough about how group policies work. So I havent tried 
> anything. I was thinking in terms of NT4 System Policies. But if as you
> say I can create a group policy file and store it on a network location,
> then all I have to do at machine startup is to activate the settings.
> I dont know how to do it. If somebody can tell me it would be useful.
I think it is all documented fairly well after the reading I have done
in the last couple of days.  My trouble is that I have very limited
experience with windows servers (NT4 only).  Much of the documentation
assumes you are already familiar with the concepts from windows

> Do you need any more information?
Seeing you ask.... :)

It would be helpful if there was a repository somewhere where people
could post setups, smb.conf's, scripts, etc.  Does anyone know of such a


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