[Samba] Re: pdf printer

Norman Zhang nzhang at arkon-group.com
Thu Jun 5 17:08:32 GMT 2003


Sorry for making more noise to the list again. I have received an official
update from CUPS. I hope this is helpful for those who are interested.


> Your software trouble report #137 has been updated.  You can check
> the status of the report and add additional comments and/or files
> at the following URL:
>     http://www.cups.org/str.php?L137
>     Summary: cupsaddsmb unable to add 'ppd'
>     Version: 1.1.19
>      Status: 2 - Closed w/o Resolution
>    Priority: 4 - High, e.g. unable to print to a printer or key
>                  functionality not working
>       Scope: 2 - Specific to an operating system
>   Subsystem: Windows Driver
> Fix Version: Not Applicable
> Win9x driver download has a limitation of 8 character printer names. For
> printers whose name is 8 chars or less, the driver download *does* work
> with the Adobe drivers.
> We have no plan of working around this limit and will likely drop Win9x
> driver support in a future CUPS release.

Norman Zhang wrote:
> I didn't add any other printer driver from W2K CD or from any 3rd party
> vendor. I first created pdfprinter.ppd by
>   lpadmin -p pdfprinter -E -v pdf:/var/tmp -m adist5.pdf
> then exported pdfprinter.ppd so Windows clients can download
>   cupsaddsmb -v pdfprinter
> Now NT/2000 can download the drivers no problem. But 9x/ME complains that
> they can't find pdfprinter.PPD. I think there's some subtle bugs in
> linking the drivers for download, but I don't know where.


> I found a workaround to the problem, for 9x/ME clients I use the Adobe
> PostScript Installer to add my network printer rather than just click Add
> Printer in Windows. Adobe PostScript Installer won't prompt me file not
> found. I hope this is helpful to anyone who might experience this problem.

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