Admin Please read RE: [Samba] Re: Submited (004756-3463)

Phantasie Name wolfi at
Thu Jun 5 16:34:35 GMT 2003

Hello Brandon!

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 10:27:12AM -0500, Brandon Lederer wrote:
> Admin please remove this person.  he keeps spamming the list

You cannot conlude that tino is the author of this email just because
his email-addres appears in the From: field in the mail's header. This
can be modified as you like. This email is an example. From: says
Phantasie Name <wolfi at>. My correct address is in the
Reply-To:-field though, so replys will hopefully reach me. Probably the
tino-address is harvested from somewhere and abused. If you want to see
the correct sender, you have to look at the From field (without :). I
don't have the full header of the original mail though.



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