[Samba] Re: Retry: RedHat, XFS, and ACL Support

Matt Wright matt at consultmatt.co.uk
Thu Jun 5 13:24:46 GMT 2003


I've been trying to do this compile as well (but on Debian) however it seems 
that some of the acl functions have been moved from the acl libs to attr. I 
can get Samba to compile by adding -lattr to the places in configure where 
-lacl occur.



PS. I haven't actually got samba 3 to recoginse my acl's on the drive once 
it's compiled, not sure what's wrong but it's compiled and the ACL's work on 
the disk as samba 2.2.x sees them.

On Thursday 05 June 2003 13:41, Dragan Krnic wrote:
> make sure you have the devel packages for ACL
> and EA (acl-devel and attr-devel)
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