[Samba] Printing isses with LPRng

Nick McCulloch NMcCulloch at moreland.vic.gov.au
Thu Jun 5 01:37:27 GMT 2003

I am having issue with Printing using LPRng.
Below is a list of hardware details and the issues I am experiencing:
Server: HP Netserver LH II
Dual Pentium Pro X 300 Mhz
265 Meg Ram
I am running Red Hat Linux 9.0 fresh install
Kernel Version 2.4.20-8
Samba Version 2.2.7a-security-rollup-fix
LPRng latest version.
This is box dedicated for printing only.
I have 64 Printer objects installed on this server.
The volume of printing is high but the configuration, but the
configuration should handle it.
The major symptom is that printing just stops until we reboot the
machine by hard resetting it.
The consistent error message in smbd.log is the following but this is
written for every print job (or close to it):
Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler
[2003/06/05 11:19:07, 0]
The symptoms of the box seizing is that you can ping the machine.
Logging in to the console is either so slow as to be unuseable or no
result in logging in at all.
/var/log/messages just stops logging data.
Thanks in advance
Nick McCulloch

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