[Samba] log in problem

Wei Wang ww3 at cec.wustl.edu
Wed Jun 4 21:27:28 GMT 2003

Hi, everyone,
I just installed lastest Samba server on two SGI Octanes in my lab
running IRIX6.5.19. Both servers have the same configuration. From one
of our lab PCs, I can log on to both servers without any problem.
However, another PC in the lab can only log on to one of the Samba
server. Usually, on the PC, after you click on the samba server, you
will be prompted for username and password. I can get to this step, but
after I entered both information, that window does not get away. For
example, to log into one of the samba server named PLEXUS, I enter:
Username: root
Password: ******
The log in window will flash and become
Username: PLEXUS/root
Password: ******
And I couldn't log on and see the shares on PLEXUS
So, what is the problem that causes this? Thanks a lot!

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