[Samba] Codepage inconsistencies

Ademar de Souza Reis Jr. ademar at conectiva.com.br
Wed Jun 4 17:59:29 GMT 2003


I'm having a lot of trouble trying to mount a share
from a NT4.0 (US_english) machine using samba-2.2.8a.

When I mount the share using samba, somehow the 'õ' and 'ã'
characters are displayed as 'o' and 'a'.
(other western chars such as á,é,ó,ç,etc are ok, I have problems
only with 'ã' and 'õ').

It's interesting to note that:

  - Win98se can mount the share without this problem.
  - I can use samba to mount shares from other samba servers and from
    win98se machines without this problem as well.

So I guess it's just a matter of using the right parameters when mounting
the share, but:

  - Using mount -t smbfs -o codepage=cp850,iocharset=iso8859-1... 
    doesn't work.
  - I've tried codepage=850, codepage=437, codepage=1252, and a
    lot of other possible values I could find for both codepage and
     iocharset parameters, but none fixed the problem.

I don't know what else to try.. I read somewhere that windows has a
distinction between OEM codepage and ANSI codepages, but nothing
explaining exactly what is being used or how to make a conversion
between them...

Does anyone know how to debug this problem?

BTW, the default locale in the NT4 server is set as "U.S"
(regional settings in the control panel). If I set it to "Brasil",
then I can mount the partition without problems. But I can't do
that because I have other programs running in the server that
depend on the US_English setting :(

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Ademar de Souza Reis Jr. <ademar at conectiva.com.br>


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