[Samba] Retry: RedHat, XFS, and ACL Support

Brett Harris BHarris at alumni.upenn.edu
Wed Jun 4 15:20:10 GMT 2003

Purpose:  Create a File Server that can replace our windows file server.

System Details:
  RedHat 8
  Kernel 2.4.18-18 SGI XFS 1.2.0
  2 disks
    1 for the filesystem ext3
    1 for the shares using xfs

Most of the threads and articles I read about doing this told me that I
had to recompile the kernel for acl support.  Then I found a post that
mention that XFS has built in ACL support.  Which it does.  Currently I am
trying to get samba to work with the acl's

What I have done so far:

Installed all related rpm's
Joined Domain
Set Up Windbind
Tested account synchronization
Installed Samba
Set up shares
Set ACL's for share root dir through linux

The permisions that I set through linux work perfectly.  The people who
should have access to a particular share do and those who shouldn't don't.
 As I understand it you should then be able to set permisions on files
within those directories as if they were on a windows server, but the
permissions that show up are

unix_group 109 (server\unix_group 109)

I may not have configured samba with acl support
  ./configure --with-acl-support
So I went back and tried running that line.
It reported:
checking whether to support ACLs... checking for acl_get_file in -lacl...
(cached) no
checking for ACL support... (cached) no

Now I'm not sure where to go from here.  Any ideas?


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