[Samba] Samba as PDC with WinXP Clients -> headache!!

Daniel Zeiss dzeiss at gwdg.de
Wed Jun 4 14:42:13 GMT 2003


my last post was about upscale configuration for my WinXP clients, 
because I believed I had it working, but ...

Next day I booted the client and .... it wouldnt let me log onto the 
domain again. :-(

I am using Samba 2.2.8a with Ldap backend which works great in workgroup 

Joining the domain is very easy and works well, but then after rebooting 
I get:

"Es kann keine Verbindung mit der Domäne hergestellt werden, da der 
Domaincontroller nicht verfügbar ist bzw. das Computerkonto nicht 
gefunden wurde. Wiederholen Sie den Vorgang später...." [german]

In english it is something like:

"No connection to the domain could be established, because the 
Domaincontroller is not available or the computeraccount is not found. 
Please retry later...."

(very funny:-> "retry later", M$ joke!!)

I searched on Google for this problem and found some people with the 
same problem.

The were told to do the reg hack "requiresignorseal" = 0, deactivate 
encryption (for client/server) change to use "LM and NTLM".

These settings are already all done on my systems, but still I get the 

The computer can connect to the samba server on share basis manually.

The strange thing is, that it doesnt matter wether I type in my passwort 
correct or false, i always "in milliseconds" get the same messagebox. 
There is no communication between the workstation and the samba server.

I also found that there is something like "fast logons" which uses 
asyncron logon which is default. I also tried the syncron mode. No success.

The test clients are  PC a Windows XP where the domainlogon worked, but 
stopped working now and PC b which was a fresh install and domainlogon 
never worked.

Can you help?
How can I debug this?



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