[Samba] Running SQL or Exchange over SAMBA

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Wed Jun 4 12:24:55 GMT 2003

Thank you Jeremy for replying. I am new to Linux and Samba, and not to old
in NT either. I know I have a lot of things to study and understand better,
one these things is how NT counts it's licences. There is a DOS application
running on an NT server, and frequently makes me run short of NT licenses.
This made me start thinking about looking for a solution in Linux. So I set
up a Linux box with a Samba server and made it a PDC and let the users
access the NT box for the DOS application, but I observed that NT counted
the users anyway, and rejected the access of more users than the license
limit. Then I changed the Samba server to a domain member (security=domain),
and installed the DOS application on the samba share, so users just
autenticate on the NT PDC and then use the program on the Samba share, I am
testing this now and I think it will work. So my next step is to do the same
thing with an MS SQL based application, which also runs on the NT server.
That is why I am asking these questions, what I really need to do now is to
find a way to connect all the users without buying more licences, I am very
happy with Linux and Samba, I feel I am entering a new world where
uninterested collaboration and help is possible, inside another world where
nothing but money seems to matter. I also found the How To Collection very
clear and helpfull, and I hope to be helpfull myself in the near future,
when I get things straight. I also hope you understand my english, many
times I can't find the right words.

Thank you again.


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> On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 02:24:55PM -0300, Laura Zwaig wrote:
> > Hello, I read this message just today. I am interested in running MS SQL
> > with the databases stored on a Samba Share, I will need to do this
> > soon. But, does MS SQL let you install the program on an NT server and
> > database files on a Linux Server? And will I, since I am short of NT
> > access licences, get around this issue?
> As I recall MS-SQL (Sybase :-) won't let you do this. But you
> can install then change the registry to point to a network
> drive (or you used to). The NT client access licenses is
> nothing to do with this, you need to convert to a Samba
> domain controller, then you need not pay client access
> licenses.
> Jeremy.
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