[Samba] network printers

Sergey Buts siriy at smenergy.com.ua
Wed Jun 4 09:31:20 GMT 2003

Sorry for misleading.
I meant the printers not connected to the server but ones on the workstations.

To add new users and machines I use the following shell scripts:
/usr/sbin/pw user add -n $1 -g soe
/usr/bin/passwd $1
./smbpasswd -a $1
cp /usr2/samba/templates/logon.cmd /usr2/samba/netlogon/scripts/$1.cmd

/usr/sbin/pw user add $1$ -g ntusers -d /dev/null -s /sbin/nologin
./smbpasswd -a -m $1

I use:
Samba 2.8.8 (the same problem on the version 3.0.24)

>How do you add new users? I didn't see shares named [printers] or
>[homes] in the posted smb.conf.
>And not knowing the exact difference, shouldn't 
>the line 
>logon home = \\oblr\%u
>better read 
>logon home = \\oblr\%U
>Best regards,


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