[Samba] Archive attribute

Brandon Lederer brandonl at hms4emc.com
Tue Jun 3 19:49:33 GMT 2003

Incremental backups is exactly what I am going after.  I am not sure whether
I will be able to accomplish this or not.

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From: Rick Segeberg [mailto:rick.segeberg at waterford.org]
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I think this (below) is what you're looking for (from the smb.conf
documentation).  However, I don't think it will accomplish (I haven't
tried it though) your goal.  Sounds like you're trying to do
incremental/differential backups.  Since there are no archive bits for
your windows backup server to look at, it doesn't know what's changed.  

You need software that keeps a database of what's been backed up when
and can make decisions based on modified dates.  There are several linux
based backup packages that can do that, as well as some enterprise level
backup software with linux agents/clients that do it also.  Most are
pretty expensive.

The one I decided to to use is Novanet from Novastor, mostly due to
price and it worked.  I have to say it's not the fastest backup software
I've used, but it gets the job done.

Rick S.

>From smb.conf documentation:
map archive (S)
This controls whether the DOS archive attribute should be mapped to the
UNIX owner execute bit. The DOS archive bit is set when a file has been
modified since its last backup. One motivation for this option it to
keep Samba/your PC from making any file it touches from becoming
executable under UNIX. This can be quite annoying for shared source
code, documents, etc...

Note that this requires the create mask parameter to be set such that
owner execute bit is not masked out (i.e. it must include 100). See the
parameter create mask for details.

Default: map archive = yes

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From: Brandon Lederer [mailto:brandonl at hms4emc.com] 
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Subject: [Samba] Archive attribute

Our tape backup software (run through windows) backs up items based on
whether the archive attribute is set or not.  If it is set, then it
needs to
be backed up.  Then it removes the attribute.  When a user modifies a
the attribute is again set.  This is how it normally works.  Samba will
allow the Archive Attribute to be unchecked.  Is there anyway to allow

Samba 2.2.8a  ---- also is the option available in Samba3?

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