[Samba] Samba & Terminal Services / Citrix

Drew.Zeller at statcan.ca Drew.Zeller at statcan.ca
Tue Jun 3 14:51:29 GMT 2003

Hi Brad,

We use SAMBA here with our Windows 2000 Terminal Servers quite successfully.
You are correct about the problems with the session id problem.  What
happens is that by default whenever any user from the same terminal server
connects to the same SAMBA server they go through the same smb process.
Thus, the more user's connecting from the terminal server, the worse your
file access performance can get.

In the Windows NT 4 version of Terminal Server Microsoft added a registry
option which works around this problem.  The registry entry is :
(Note this should be listed in the SAMBA documentation)

However, under the Windows 2000 version of TS, MS took out this registry
value.  The work around we have used here to give each user their own smb
process is we created a local alias in the hosts file, on the Terminal
Server, for the SAMBA server.  For the alias we used the user id's of the
user's access the machine.  For example assume you have SAMBA server called
samba1 with a share called myshare.  Now if you have a user on a TS with the
user id smitjoh who wants to connect to the share what we would do is the TS
hosts file we would add an entry to the file that aliases the IP address for
the server samba1 to be also known as smitjoh.  Then when the user connects
they would connect to the share as \\smitjoh\myshare <\\smitjoh\myshare>
instead of \\samba1\myshare <\\samba1\myshare> .  (Note : the one catch with
this is that the user id alias is not visible in the browse list when you
map network drives, however for the folder path can enter \\<userid
<\\<userid> > and then click on the browse button and it will show you the
server with the user id alias).

Another option for this is you could try using the SAMBA netbios aliases
smb.conf option to create the SAMBA server aliases.

Hope this helps.

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I have heard that there is a problem with using Samba along with Windows
Terminal Services and that it's related to session IDs with multiple users
coming from one server.
I'm in the process of moving to Windows Server 2003 using Citrix and hoping
to be able to revive our samba use.
Has anyone had any success with using samba in a Terminal Server / Citrix
Thanks in advance for any information!

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