[Samba] big file server

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Tue Jun 3 13:43:10 GMT 2003

Through a time-warp on my mail provider I only received
your mail of 2003-05-15 at 13:12:48+0200(CEST) today, but
I won't miss the chance to respond to your flame-bait.

>> my advice would be xfs. Never had anything but 
>> trouble ( severe fs corruption beyond repair,
>> every time, on all machines. Am i the only one ???) 
>> with reiser. Ext3 is fine but probably slower. 
>> Avoid ext2 unless you don't mind spending hours 
>> fscking 1,4 Tb of storage in case of power failure 
>> or whatever.
> I must agree. Reiserfs is quite fast but not very 
> reliable. It doesn't support ACLs (AFAIK), 
> reiserfsck is completely broken (unlike other fs 
> with reiser you have almost no chance to save data 
> after fs corruption). If you know Hans Reiser, you 
> understand ...

What a bunch of FUD crap, Honza and Thierry.

Every file-system can develop pathological
non-recoverable corruption, especially if it
is used by some seriously experience-challenged
users. To generalize your sad case with such
words and to attack the creator of reiserfsck
with such innuendo as you do, only gives a bad
impression of yourself.

I'm using reiserfsck exclusively and must say
that one thing alone in your mail is true - the
fact that reiserfs is really fast, in fact orders
of magnitude faster than any other fs when it comes
to directory browsing and manipulation, which is
very important for the clumsy SMB protocol.

Everything else you write about it is BS!

reiserfs complies fully with APIs for ACLs
and EAs. Unfortunately, samba team would rather
start writing non-POSIX samba from scratch than
use the elegant transparency of reiserfs's streams.
samba can and does use quite nicely reiserfs's ACLs though. If you don't know how to set the
mount options to enable these features, tough,
you're out of luck, pal. But if you ask nicely,
I'm sure someone will let you know.

I've had some severe corruptions on a striped
JBOD under thermal strain, I mean real physical 
corruption and reiserfsck just repaired it like 
nothing. Sure, it warns you quite verbosely that
by typing in exactly "Yes", case-sensitive and all,
you may eventually kiss your fs good-by, but any 
serious fsck does the same. If you're scared
shitless of the more articulate manner of stating it
in reierfsck, then tough luck again. But the question
ist, have you yourself suffered? Tell us your story.
Don't just spread the hear-say.

People like you should stay away from reiserfs, for 
their own good. Stick to what you know and feel 
comfortable with. I'm sure xfs is a decent system
but it didn't work for me quite as well as reiserfs.
But that wouldn't justify me to say that its authors 
thereof are arseholes or hobos or pinkos or whatever
you meant by those ominous three dots in a row, just 
slightly slower-witted and I can put figures where my 
mouth is, as I did in several postings before.


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