[Samba] Cannot compile - missing <make>

Marian Mlcoch, Ing mm at tsmp.sk
Tue Jun 3 05:43:47 GMT 2003

Hi Jose
make is utility program to compile very more sources at one script. On linux
is make one aplication to instal.
Configure only create script MAKEFILE that make use it and compile , link
and install app from source.

Teoretic if yuo have gcc you can compile by hand but this is for simply
progs by one-two .c source file.


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> This is the very first time I ever tried to compile anything since
> college.
> I'm using SCO 5.0.5.
> I installed GNU gcc and the Linker package(s) from my SCO dist disc.
> After running ./configure --with-smbwrapper, I can't find  `make` to
> continue and compile ...
> My book, Using Samba (O'Reilly), says that `make` and then `make install`
> should be my next step.  It also mentions that `make` should be executed
> while within the <source> directory.
> I can't find `make` any where in my system.  Should it have been created
> by `configure` or must it be installed?
> Thank you all in advance for your prompt assistance!
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