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Matthew Western mwestern at affairs.net.au
Tue Jun 3 05:34:31 GMT 2003

ah.  now i've caught up.

yes definitly.  have you managed to get any other printers working with
downloadable drivers?

you need to refer to the 'printing support in samba 3.0'
http://www.linuxprinting.org/kpfeifle/SambaPrintHOWTO/ and that explains in
detail how to make your drivers downloadable page 45 on mine (i've got an
old draft so it may be different page)  main heading 'Setting up CUPS for
driver download.   probably worth working through all the pages he's written
so as to completely understand how it works (fairly simple really).     in
short you need to:

create [print$] share with the right permissions.
browse to \\samba then printers and modify the printers on the server (ie
upload drivers, settings etc etc).
i'd do it the long way as well to learn what it's doing. ie print test page,
collect files, put them in the right place, addprinter yadada.  even the
rpcclient stuff is useful to learn, but i wouldn't do it that way normally
as it's too much typing...

then install driver on a client to test.  don't try to modify settings from
a client cos they won't be saved.

which PPD to use?  whatever one you like.    start with the laserjet.ppd.
from memory i didn't even bother with PPDs cos if you print as raw, the
windoze driver does all the formatting and it doesn't change as it's passed
though samba&cups.     this is opinion and i may be wrong as i didn't write
any notes as i installed stuff.  someone may like to chip in and correct me.


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> now i'm confused.  do you have anything in your /etc/cups/printers.conf?
> what step are you up to in the howto?  which howto?  i've got the 'cups
> software administrators manual' and 'printing support in samba 3.0'
> what reference are you going by?

I followed exactly


as Kurt and you pointed out. Thanks 8) I do have the PDFprinter in
/etc/cups/printers.conf. Okay at the beginning PDFprinter didn't show up
after per execution of above URL. (I did restart cups.) So I went into the
web interface of CUPS and created PDFprinter by selecting pdf printing and
choose location /var/tmp.

If you read below, I can make the PDFprinter as a downloadable driver for

> > > But this only covers the "Install-PDF-Printer-on-CUPS" part.
> > >
> > > The other part is the "Install-PDF-Printer-on-Windows". Here you have
> > > several options. My recommendation is the
> > > "Use-the-CUPS-PostScript-Drivers-for-Windows-NT/2K/XP"
> > > -and-export-with-the-help-of-cupsaddsmb" one.
> >
> > Sorry I'm still a little confused here. Can I do "cupsaddsmb -H
> > PRNSERVER printer PDFPrinter" to setup PostScript driver (adist5.ppd)
> > for Win9x/NT/2000, so users can download them from their personal
> > workstations? If so, then I don't need to add arbitrary color laser
> > printer from Windows?
> I tried "cupsaddsmb -v PDFprinter", but system complaints that it cannot
> find PDFprinter.ppd. I tried copy PDFprinter.ppd to almost every folder,
> but still no luck. I'm doing this right? Where should I put
> PDFprinter.ppd?


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