[Samba] PDC looses PDC role ?

Kopmann, Goetz Goetz.Kopmann at airbus.com
Mon Jun 2 13:25:56 GMT 2003


we are running a Samba 2.2.8a acting as file- and print server. Since a few
days the logon script with the drive mappings is no longer executed.
XP-Event log says that the domain controller could not be found. After
mapping the shares manually I receive an error message  "Der angegebene
Netzwerkname ist nicht mehr verfügbar" -> "The specified network is no
longer available",  everytime i try to create a file with the explorer or
resave an existing file. 

The Domain is still visible in network neighbourhood.

A few days ago I had nearly the same problem and found out that the SuSE
Useradministration wizzard caused a dupe UID. The new user got the same UID
as a computer account. Now the password files are correct.

Has anybody noticed similar things ?
Does anybody know were to look ?

The smbd process does not notice, that a client tries to find the PDC.

Thanks in advance ! 

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