[Samba] FAX Server

richard rcoates at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jun 1 07:28:07 GMT 2003

we've had good results with older Maestro 33.6 class2 fax modems. None
of the "late model" cheap modems worked for us reliably. our setup...
Mandrake8 server, 2x external class2 modems, divert-on-busy to second
modem, mgetty-sendfax.
our usage/results...1600 faxed pages over approx 3 months.
errors.... 4 or 5 /week with heavy use...both lines busy etc..
A script automatically converts incomming fax to a .jpg image and moves
it to a samba share, making it available to our wan and Xp clients.
System works great, the office staff are happy and all was well......

On Sun, 2003-06-01 at 00:14, Bob Crandell wrote:
> Hi,
> Every once in awhile the subject of faxing through Samba comes up and there are some
> really interesting solutions offered.  Here we go again.
> My question is more related to hardware.  What modems are the successful Samba
> faxers using these days?  Though to software works fine, the hardware leaves a
> something to be desired.
> Thanks.
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