[Samba] passwd chat debug generates no output

Carsten Zimmermann carsten.zimmermann at hoffmannconsulting.de
Wed Jul 30 15:12:05 GMT 2003

Hello folks.
I'm trying to get unix password synchronization working an a FreeBSD 5.x
Box. However, it does not work with various passwd chat strings in smb.conf.

Problem above all: the "passwd chat debug = yes" directive does not work,
either. I switched on "debug level = 100" in smb.conf but the log.smbd does
not say anything about attempts to change unixpasswords when go for a
'smbpasswd username'.

Is this a known problem to anyone? Or am I just to stupid (I read the manual
over and over). I would apreciate any help! Thank a lot in advance.


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