[Samba] Re:samba a Domena Win 2000

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Thu Jul 31 11:07:26 GMT 2003

>Mam problem :) Chce zeby profile moich uzytkownikow byly zrzucane na
>serwer z samba. Wszystko skonfigurowalem, i najednym komputerze to
>dziala na innym nie, paradoksem jest to ze kazdy z tych komputerow ma
>ten sam system opoercyjny (win xp) a loguje sie n atego samego
>uzytkownika. Prosze o pomoc

If I understand you correctly, you would like to have user profiles
on the samba server, and it works on some workstations but doesn't
work on others, whereby paradoxically all of them are the same 
operating system (XP) and only the local user logs in.

First off, you have to set up your server to support it - looku up
the documentation about [netlogon], [homes] and [profiles] shares
and generally all the [global] options relating to logon, login etc.
e.g. logon script, logon path, logon drive, logon home, domain

Second, it works best when your samba server is domain controller.
That means options workgroup, netbios name, wins support, preferred
master, domain master encrypt passwords, need to be set up correctly.

Third, make sure your XP clients have SignOrSeal registry item set

Fourth, the type of profile on local computers need to be set to 
"Stored on server" and not "Locally stored".

Perhaps there's more, but when you reply, try to improve your English
so that others can understand it too :-)

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