[Samba] Samba 3b3 + ADS

Will Froning wfroning at uop.edu
Wed Jul 30 23:18:11 GMT 2003

I've been trying for a couple of days to get ADS support built into
Samba 3.  I've been searching the archives for something that will help
me out, but nothing seems to work.

Here's what I've tried, first on FreeBSD 4.8:

FreeBSD 4.8
Samba 3b3, ./configure --with-ads --with-krb5=/usr (I installed FBSD
krb5 from /usr/src/kerberos5) works like a charm.  make works and I see
all the fancy ads stuff fly by the screen like it's compiling.  I then
test source/bin/net ads - "ADS support not compiled in".  

I then try it with MIT krb5 and samba fails to compile
(--with-krb5=/usr/local).  I try heimdal krb5 and that compiles, but
same "ADS support not compiled in" message pops up.

So I give up and try Solaris 8.
I try the --with-krb5=/usr --with-ads and that can't find the libs, so I
install MIT krb5 and it finds krb5-config and compiles, but same mesg.

I'm at a total loss on what's going on here.  Am I missing some super
major step?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please CC me on the reply, I wil also be checking the online archive to
see if I've missed a post.


Will Froning
Unix Sys. Admin.
wfroning at uop.edu

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