[Samba] Smbmount problem

Chris Lynch godisabullet at spookweb.com
Wed Jul 30 19:49:58 GMT 2003


I am having an issue dealing with smbmount.

My problem deals with a Linux box using smbmount to mount and access files
on a Win2k server.  Any shares that I mount on my Linux box from the Win2k
box are owned by ROOT with 755 perms.

But I need these shares to be writeable to from other users on the system
(777). I have been searching for a solution on this, but everything I have
found online does not solve this.

I am using the following to mount the shares:

smbmount -o //Win2k/share /mnt/share, username=USERNAME, password=PASSWORD,
ip=IPADDRESS, debug=4

I have tried setting : dmask=777 and fmask=777 in this line, as well as
trying to set the UID and GID settings here as well. But nothing seems to

Anyone have a clue on this....pleeeaassse help!!!



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