[Samba] Mitgrating Nt4 PDC to samba; user mapping

Andreas Riedl office at tapirdata.com
Wed Jul 30 13:48:32 GMT 2003

I've to migrate a NT4 PDC to an samba PDC (running
samba 3.0.0beta2 on a debian/GNU/linux box).

Samba is already setup and working as a BDC.

When I try to perform:

   net rpc vampire -S PDC

all existing userSIDs are put into samba's
'passwd.tdb'. The problem is now, how to get a
working userSID <-> UID mapping:

The existing userSID have RID parts in the range of 1024..1050.
Obviously samba uses the 'algorithm base' method (inversly applied)
to map thees RIDs to unix UIDs: RID = UID*2+1000. This results in:

   . even RIDs are mapped to low (clashing) UIDs: 1024 = 12*2=1000
   . odd RIDs are mapped to -1

as I can see by comparing the outputs of 'pdbedit -L' and 'pdbedit -Lv'.

As I understand, samba uses this algorithm in the case of
not finding a 'winbindd_map' entry. (There is, e.g. an entry
that maps: SID=S-..-501 to UID=65534 (user 'nobody').)

So, could samba be brought to put suitable entries in 'winbindd_map'
when vampiring an NT4 PDC (by using UIDs from the 'idmap uid'
range), or is there at least a way to insert them manually?

Btw, as I've tried, samba doesn't use the UID of users, already
existing in '/etc/passwd', either.

As a last resort I'd have to hack the mapping 'algorithm'...

ciao, andi

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