[Samba] Question: AIX Samba client and NT-Domain

Wed Jul 30 06:45:48 GMT 2003

Good morning,
I have a question regarding the connection from a IBM AIX machine to a Win
NT-Domain, because I did not find any helpful tips in the web I want to ask
you, hopefully you can help me a little bit.
Our configuration:
We have a Windows Domain Controller, which hosts our total user management
(User, PWD, Home-Directory, ...) and we have some IBM pSeries AIX-machines
(AIX 5.1).
Is it possible that the AIX machine joins the NT-Domain and can use their
user environment ? So, a NT User can login onto the AIX machine (?? probably
using LDAP ??) with his NT Password and gets his home directory mounted (??
with samba ?? )from the Windows Server to the AIX client ??
I would be very thankful for any hints or tips ...
Thank you.
Christian Schmitt

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