[Samba] Re: Marginal write performance & pauses in outgoing transfers

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Tue Jul 29 12:37:46 GMT 2003

>> If necessary, use ethereal next time and store the 

>I'll try that when I get some more time and post the 
>results here, but I doubt we'll find anything fixable 
>(yep, I'm the pessimistic kind).

That's the wrong attitude. It's just a couple of boxes
radioing each other over wires. It must be amenable to 
common sense reasoning with a pinch of know-how.

>Actually, I'm starting to doubt Win2k SP4 regarding 

I installed sp4 on most of my Win2K clients without any
perceivable drop/rise in service quality.

Do me a favour. Buy a 30-buck 4-port 100 Mbps switch
and test it out. If it doesn't solve your problem send 
me the switch for refund.

And by the way, if you have 2 NICs on your samba server
you HAVE a router there. If you haven't configured it
properly (has nothing to do with samba) then chances
are that that is your problem.

Therefore one line of action is to completely, also
physically, deinstall the other card. When you're 
confident that samba works OK, then you may plan 
reinstalling the other card.

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