[Samba] Newbee need help !!!

Vincent.Badier at alcatel.fr Vincent.Badier at alcatel.fr
Tue Jul 29 12:09:06 GMT 2003

>Thanks to stop on my problem few minutes...
>I am trying to make register a Samba Server (installed on a FreeBSD 4.4.1)
in a
>NT Domain. But this is more complicated because, the Samba server is
>in a DMZ area and IPs from this area are nated before entering into the
>where NT4-Server is running.
>Currently, I just implement a public service and from the workstation from
>NT4-Server area, I can access to the service into the DMZ area.
>But, the problems are:
>First, the NT4-Server does not recognize the Samba Server and show always
it as
>Second, nmbd, when it is launched, print some lines on screen and after
>two lines : blahblahblah looping etc...
>Finally, when I try to make Samba Server join the NT domain with the
>smbpasswd -j ... -r ...., it prints : request rejected blah blah blah
>*SMBSERVER blah blah blah...
>It sounds like smbpasswd uses not the correct name written in smb.conf and
>does not run correctly...
>Can you help me ?

How do you nat your ip? with netfilter? netbios doesn't like to be natted.
Sometimes this work sometimes this doesn't.
If you're using netfilter, a nat module should be developped to use this.
Since this is not actually the case you will have an undefined behaviour.



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