[Samba] Remote Logins.

Marian Mlcoch, Ing mm at tsmp.sk
Tue Jul 29 05:29:29 GMT 2003

Hi if you proper config routers and sambas ip then on remote station simply
try use command prompt and command
net use x: \\ipofsamba\homes  or anysharename

when yuo logged to w2k as username and pass known by samba.
If you need to view samba on remote network neigh... add to smb.conf remote
announce to ip of w2k but this may no work if network is no online alltime
for this two machines or ip is not static for any.


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> I need help with an explanation how to allow remote logins and mounting
> for one one of samba shares...
> I understand that this is not best practice for security... but I am
> allowing someone to log into my machine for only about 3 days.  The IP
> they are using only leads to the machine in which they log into and does
> not have any access to the network whatsoever.
> Basically I am looking to allow them to mount their user directory as
> well as a common public share to their Windows 2000 machine.  I am
> running Samba on a Red Hat linux machine and have no clue how to do
> this...
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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