[Samba] embedding characters

Erik Soderquist esoderquist at mcstamp.com
Mon Jul 28 18:29:26 GMT 2003

has no one ever used a space in a password before?

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i seem to be having trouble with certain characters in machine names and passwords.

specifically, there is a hyphen in on of the server's names. this entry in the fstab file fails to connect with the following error:

# mount /root/it-blackbox/c\$/
Anonymous login successful
18867: tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
SMB connection failed

the line from fstab is:

//it-blackbox/c$ /root/it-blackbox/c$ smbfs noauto,credentials=/root/.smbauth 0 0

the .smbauth file contents are:

username = administrator
workgroup = mcstamp

this work correctly for another share on a machine without the hyphen in the name on the same domain.

the other problem i have is that the password has a space in it, and I can't seem to get the password to work using quotes or using the backslash. this forces me to do an interactive mount (yes, i know i have it set to noauto. that is because it fails the password and i have to do it manually anyway. i don't want it to sit and wait for the password during bootup.) HELP!!!
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