[Samba] Manage from script and bash file configuration and XF86Config-4 file

Della Bianca giuseppe bepi at adria.it
Mon Jul 28 17:37:26 GMT 2003

Excuse me if the email not of your interest.

The GesConf program ( http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/gesconf ) allows
the manage from console and script of the configuration file:

 with >= GesConf-0.2.2
 - read and write support for X configuration file
 - it manages key without group (classic bash file)
 - it manages key with single group (classic ini file)
 - it manages key with multyple group (nested group)
 - flexibile and simple in internal navigation in the configuration rows

 * Change library for the options of the command line support:
 - it manages multiple option (ex. -vf)
 - it manages large option (ex. --set-all)
 - it manages option joined with parameter (ex. -s=home)
 - the procedure of processings of the options can be personalized and be
modified to run-Time


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