[Samba] smbpasswd problem

Thilo Rößler el-nino at gmx.li
Mon Jul 28 05:30:15 GMT 2003

>    Im now testing SAMBA under LDAP . I have a LDAP account anthony. I do
> not know how to use smbpasswd to change this LDAP account.

You do not need smbpasswd anymore.
When using LDAP, you can store the Samba-Password along with other data in the 
LDAP-DIrectory. Have a look at the howto concerning how to replace smbpasswd 
with an LDAP-directory and it will tell you what to do :-)
Furthermore, have a look at the smbldap-tools you can find at www.idealx.org 
... they will do things like changing passwords for you (as long as you do 
not yet use Samba3).


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