[Samba] joining samba domain 3-b3 with windows XP Pro

Gareth Walters garethw at syd.microforte.com.au
Mon Jul 28 00:52:34 GMT 2003

G'day all,

I have Samba 3 beta 3 running on a RH9 box,(OpenLDAP backend)
trying to make it a PDC.

Everything seems to be working ok (see shares, browse etc)
except I cannot add a machine to the domain.

Windows XP Pro as the client, (registry settings changed)
after I enter the admin user account details to join the domain 
I get the following error message...

The user name could not be found.

I can do an LDAP search using the filters I got out of the logfile and it
returns ok, I can connect to a share using the login details in LDAP.

I am just not sure what exactly is failing, the logs don't contain anything
that looks like an error (to me at least).

Any ideas on what is happening? (extra debugging tips etc.)

---Gareth Walters

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