[Samba] Re: I've always HATED printing with Samba

Jim C jcllings at tsunamicomm.net
Sun Jul 27 20:11:33 GMT 2003

>Can't you give your subject line a more positive spin 
>   How frustrating printing can be for a newbie admin
>   Looks like I'll never understand printing
>| OK, some progress.  I managed to get access to the 
>| printer but now I have the bi-directional 
>In my opinion, you can't really have problems with bi-
>directional communications. Samba basically passes to 
The Lexmark software on the client side insists on communicating with 
the printer.
Apparently, if it can't, it assumes there is no printer or no network 
etc.  According to my research the way around this is to use the Lexmark 
Z52 driver, which is supposedly 100% compatible, OR to disable 
bidrectional printing features from the client OR to go with straight 

None of these has worked for me.  There is something I am missing but I 
have no idea what it is.   Probably something totally transparent to a 
guru and completely opaque to a newbie.

I would like to know where the uploaded drivers are kept so I can check 
and see if they are getting through.

>cups ready print stuff (pre-processed by your clients)
>only to be transferred to the printer. So your basic
>setup for cups-controlled samba printers is raw queue.
>Simplicity itself. Given an appropriate ppd file, cups 
>will come to terms with exigencies of paper out, paper
>jam, ink out, etc.
>Samba provides a convenient way to store the necessary 
>driver and support files so that they can be
>automagically downloaded by the client, when it first
>access a printer share. That makes it painless for 
>users accustomed to click-n-print MS ways.
>Now the basic mechanism of setting up the client
>drivers' depot (rpcclient, the program underlying
>cupsaddsmb) got broken since about 2.2.6a according to
>some, but I only got real problems with 2.2.8a, when I
>had to implement the fully compatible printer 
>manipulation for my parish.
>I haven't followed your thread but perhaps your problem
>and solution are described in the following document:
>   https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=82
>If they aren't, I'll look up your previous posting.
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