[Samba] dfree command

rontombontom at freestart.hu rontombontom at freestart.hu
Fri Jul 25 15:46:36 GMT 2003

I'd like to use the "dfree command" option of samba because the amount of free space shown by the windows client is very far from the real values.
I've written a quite similar script to the one in man smb.conf to calculate the free space left in a share. Here is it:

df -k | awk 'BEGIN{total=0; free=0} {if ($6~/\/myshare*/) {total+=$2; free+=$4}} END {printf total" "free}'

I have a couple of hard drives mounted under /myshare, and I want to summarize the free spaces on them. 
The script works when started from the prompt.
In the smb.conf I have the line: dfree command = /usr/local/samba/dfree #here is the script
In the smbd log these messages appeared:

[2003/07/25 17:26:13, 3] smbd/dfree.c:disk_free(92)
   disk_free: Running command /usr/local/samba/dfree .
[2003/07/25 17:26:13, 3] smbd/dfree.c:disk_free(121)
   disk_free: sys_popen() failed for command /usr/local/samba/dfree .. Error was : No child processes

Do you have any ideas to solve this?

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