[Samba] samba printerserver and NT4.0?

Nykänen Arto arto.nykanen at islh.intermin.fi
Fri Jul 25 04:58:52 GMT 2003

I have almost successfully installed samba 2.2.8a-1 printserver.

Does anyone have a working printserver with samba and NT4-clients?

How do I get the NT4-clients use the driver of samba server? NT4 wants to
install driver locally. I have too much clients to go and install the driver on
everyone of them.

I have done another printer for w2k and XP, because they use different printer
driver than nt4.

I have done the PRINT$ as described in samba project documentation. I have
uploaded drivers, and NT4 drivers, but the printer is not installing with

We have NT4-print server also, and users can install network printers from it,
but not from samba server. Users can install the other printer (for w2k and XP)
from samba server.

And I cant see the ADD PRINTER WIZARD from network neighbourhood. How could I
get that visible. There is a line "Show add printer wizard = Yes" in my smb.conf
I use winbindd to use the nt4-domain authentication.

this is getting very annoying. I hope someone really could help me with this.
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